Update on the Garden

Hi there! It has been quite a while so I thought I was due to come back and give a little update.  The house is really coming along and I’m so grateful that it is, for the most part, functional and I’m finally able to cook again!  Here you can see how exciting it was to finally have running water in the kitchen.  It is really easy to forget how awesome these daily conveniences like, oh say a kitchen sink, are until you are without one for so long!

New Kitchen Faucet

This post really isn’t about the inside of the house, but what has been going on in the backyard.  Let’s look at some before and after pictures, shall we?

Sugar Snap Peas

Let me tell you what, these have been such a fun surprise! My expectations for the sugar snap peas were quite low since I was starting them from seed and got them in the ground about two months after the recommended time.

Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

[sugar snap peas planted about 10 weeks ago]

Here you can see they really came through for me! The vines were covered with delicious, sweet and crispy peas! I ate most of them straight off of the bush while working in the yard : )

Sugar Snap Peas

Herb Garden

My first addition to the raised beds were some herb plants.  It is so fun to look back and see how much it has already grown. Take a look at the beds 12 weeks ago…

Raised Beds 3 Months Ago

[raised beds 12 weeks ago]

Here it is this week (I really need to take a picture like the one above as it is today…hard to believe it is the same!).

Herb Garden and Mint

Overall, the herb plants have really thrived! Some have definitely been doing better than others (winners: Dill, Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary and Basil / losers: Cilantro and Chives).  I got a little bit panicky with the basil, because the leaves kept turning brown.  Apparently, if they get water on their leaves, the sun can then burn them.  Since I have been trying to water them more carefully, they really have been gang busters! Obviously, the mint has no problem taking over a pot.

I’m OK with the Cilantro and Chives not doing super well, because I probably use them the least in my cooking anyway.

Beets, Carrots & Tomatoes

It is safe to say my spring crop of beets and carrots was a big flop.  I have heard from friends that their first (also spring growing season) try at carrots was completely unsuccessful but then they tried again in Fall and had tons!  Here’s to hoping my story is the same and I have lots of fresh carrots this fall. Houston is really so perfect for veggie gardening because we can grow in both spring and fall.

beets and carrots

I’m hoping my tomatoes are as easy on me as my sugar snap peas were, because they were also in the ground about a month after they were supposed to be.  We had a fairly cool April, so maybe this was for the best. The plants are growing so quickly and I even have a few big green tomatoes.  Now I just need to figure out how to stay ahead of those pesky birds and squirrels.

first tomatoes on plant

I planted some zinnia seeds amongst my herbs to add a little color.  Here is one of my first ones blooming…

yellow zinnia

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3 responses

  1. I love your updates! I have a raised bed garden too, so it is encouraging to see what has been thriving in other people’s gardens. I may try peas next spring! Also, Your house is turning out to be gorgeous!

    • Michelle! So fun to hear from you and I’m so glad you are enjoying the updates! Are you still in DFW area? Yes, you should totally do sugar snap peas next year…they were so delicious and surprisingly successful. Same with lettuce – both from seeds : )


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