Renovations – Week 8

As you can see, that weekly renovation update thing didn’t quite work out as I had planned! I’m giving myself some grace here (and sparing you at the same time) and skipping straight to today! Here is what has been happened at our little home…

Hardwood Floor Installed & Stained





New backdoor Installed


Painting Complete


Laundry Room Tile Floor Complete



Cabinetry Installation in Process





It really feels like everything should say complete* (with an asterisk).  Floors are complete* (except for thresholds and final buffing), painting is complete* (except for the shoe molding and final touch ups) and tile is complete (except for baseboards and shoe molding) Doesn’t it always seems like the most pain is found in the final details? So many finishing tasks are dependent on one another like how the painters are waiting on the floors to be finished while the floor guys are waiting on the painters to be finished!

By the end of this week, we should essentially have everything but the counter tops in (which means no backsplash or custom cabinetry items finished yet, but ’tis life).  It will be such a treat to have a refrigerator inside and not have dust everywhere, even if I have temporary plywood counters!

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12 responses

  1. Hi
    Love the hex in the laundry room. I am using the 3″ hex on the floor of my master bath with 6×12 subway on the walls with a wainscoting surround. Can’t wait to see it installed hopefully next month.
    I have been getting estimate on engineered hardwood floors. I would like to ask you your opinion and if you would share what you went with? I did it like you did for half the house over 25 years ago. I went with red oak bleached with a white wash stain. I have to rip that part up because I can’t match it. I know I did not like all the dust that happened because it was finished in the home part.

    • Hi Kathy,

      So exciting – sounds like your bath is going to look great! I’m sure you are excited to get that wrapped up!

      I have recently had a friend that is looking to replace their floors and apparently now, it is difficult to find someone to installed unfinished hardwoods? As far as engineered floors go, I just really appreciate the classic look of the ‘stained on-site’ unfinished hardwoods. We went with the 3 1/4″ wide red oak stained with coffee brown.


  2. Did you stick with the Coffee Brown stain on your hardwood floors? In your pictures, it seems lighter in some and darker in others. We are having our flooring contractor stain ours in Coffee Brown too and the sample looked very dark (which is what I am looking for). Did it come out a bit lighter because of the alcohol wash?

  3. Hi Bebett,

    Yes, we did end up gonig with coffee brown stain. I agree – looking back on the photos, I can definitely see where there is a lot of variation from image to image (I would probably say the 4th photo in the post in the most accurate).

    To be honest, our floors went a little bit lighter and slightly more red (probably due to the fact that they are red oak) than I expected. I’m still pleased and think they look beautiful, but if I could twitch my nose and go back in time, my future-self would have told me to do 1/2 Ebony and 1/2 Coffee Brown : ) In general, I would not classify coffee brown as “very dark”.


  4. Thanks! My contractor is going to start staining tomorrow. Now, I am getting nervous. We also have red oak. I didn’t like the Ebony Spice as it had a green tint to it. It will not look good with my very light gray walls. I will ask him to do a sample of 1/2 Ebony and 1/2 Coffee Brown. Did you use a water-based or oil-based coating?

      • Rachel, we were running out of time (move in date was already set) so I just went ahead with the Coffee Brown. They did a water and alcohol wash – which he explained was a way to make the wood absorb the stain better. Then, they did 2 coats of water-based polyurethane since water dries faster. We are very pleased with the color. But, I would have paid for an additional coat of polyurethane had we had the time to do it. Thank you for all of your inputs.

  5. Hi, I came across your blog and love everything about your reno! It looks amazing…love those lights the look like Brown!? I am also working on remodeling my home and was hoping you might share the contact info of some of the contractors/carpenters etc? Thanks and I look forward to seeing more great details!

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