Hardwood Floor Stain

Just dropping in for a quick little update.  I bopped over to the house at lunch yesterday to decide on the hardwood stain.  My goal was to go with something pretty dark, but still somewhat warm.  I wanted to avoid anything red (at least to minimize the already red, red oak) or gray looking. Take a look…

Hardwood Stain 3

[coffee brown / antique brown / medium brown / honey brown]

Rodolfo (my hardwood guy) recommends an alcohol wash to go on the sanded floors prior to stain.  This adds a richer color and helps to wood grain show a little better. You can see in this next picture the grid with painters tape – normal stain above and alcohol wash stain below.  You can also see Rodolfo’s bias toward the ebony stain showing up in the size of swatch he was showing me : )

Hardwood Stain 6

Hardwood Stain 7

[limed wood]

Hardwood Stain 4

[alcohol wash + white stain]

Hardwood Stain5

I was pretty darn tempted by the white floor and also the lime finish, but thought, for the sake of resale someday, not everyone would appreciate that like I would. Also, the dark stain is classic, which you can never go wrong with!  The final decision is to start with the alcohol wash and stain in coffee brown.  The alcohol helps the wood to better hold the stain and also makes the wood grain pop.

Hardwood Stain 6 notes

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